Friday, 21 August 2015

School uniforms are great value for money!

For years, the Association has fought against criticism that school uniform is too expensive, but now we have proof that this isn’t the case!

According to the latest study, school uniform costs on average just 45p per school day. A relatively small price compared to the £113 price tag for the outfits children wear when they aren’t in school.
Here at Schoolwear Association we believe that it is important for every child to wear school uniform, to give them a sense of pride with their school and to improve behaviour. With children spending at least 10 hours a day wearing school uniform, we believe uniform should be good value for money and long lasting, something which we are constantly encouraging.

The new research reveals the average secondary school outfit is priced at £88.05, just 45 pence per school day. With PE kit, the total averages £127.32. A Primary school uniform comes to £33.48, rising to £42.32 with a PE kit. A separate poll of 2,000 parents shows they typically spend more on outfits the children wear outside of school than they do on uniform, with almost half dressing their children in high street and designer fashions. The average non-uniform outfit came in at £113.
Our Chairman, David Burgess, is keen to tackle the common misconception that school uniform is too expensive. “We completely understand that for the poorest in society, uniform is a major expense but most schools have arrangements to look after them, and many of our members contribute to those schemes by providing free uniform to those in need. Most parents can afford to buy their children’s uniform, and like teachers, they agree that quality, school specific uniform contributes to better education and behaviour. It is a worthwhile investment, and we believe every child is worth it.”