Friday, 6 January 2017

Back to school

Back to school 
As another school term begins so does another round of power struggles between schools trying to implement uniform policies and parents and students who have to abide by them.
What is it about school uniform that brings out the rebellious streak in many of us?  Memories of our own time in school, perhaps?! I guess none of us like being told what to do…  
But taking a minute to remind ourselves of the benefits of school uniform – for students, teachers and parents – might help us to get some perspective.
No child should go to school feeling worthless because they can’t keep up with the latest styles. Uniform is the great leveller.  In an era of status brands and constantly changing fashion trends, uniform helps to create an even playing field for children of all backgrounds.  It removes the opportunity for clothing to be used as a status symbol, freeing children to focus on their education at school, rather than what they are wearing. 
Educators say this has a beneficial effect on behaviour and attainment, which is one of the key reasons they are so keen to adopt stricter uniform policies.
Although some may criticise the cost of smart school uniform, investing in a few quality items of uniform to last the year is far more economical than buying a whole new wardrobe every term – especially one that includes branded items, such as the latest trainers.  
And, aside from avoiding the drama of what to put on every morning, maybe wearing a uniform five days a week might make students appreciate their weekend fashions more!