Monday, 13 June 2016


As we enter the last academic term before the summer, The Schoolwear Association, whose members clothe three-quarters of Britain’s children, is urging parents to purchase uniforms for the next school year early to avoid the annual back-to-school panic.

By late August each year, schools and specialist schoolwear suppliers are inundated with last minute uniform requests, which can result in a more time consuming experience for parents, if they are unable to source specific sizes or styles so close to the start of the new school year.

According to the Schoolwear Association, the three main reasons why parents leave it to the last minute to shop for school uniform are:
·         The arrival of the holidays means school drops off the radar
·         Leaving it to near the start of the school year to see if the child’s size changes
·         Families want to put off the expense

David Burgess, Chairman of the Schoolwear Association, said: “All these approaches are false economy and will end up costing parent’s time and money. It makes sense to buy early to avoid the rush and to ensure that there aren't any last-minute problems. If there are any special requirements, this will give suppliers time to resolve them, meaning you’re not faced with extra expense or stress.”

“Taking the time now to choose a specialist schoolwear supplier will offer real benefits if you are willing to pay a little extra for a premium product and service. We understand that price is important but a uniform that is made well does the job better and offers better value because it lasts longer,” added Burgess.

The Schoolwear Association represents British businesses involved in the manufacture and supply of school-specific uniform, from manufacturers to wholesalers and independent retailers. Established in 2006, the association is run on an entirely voluntary basis by some of the sector’s most experienced professionals.