Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Parents urged to buy school uniform locally

The Schoolwear Association is urging parents to support their local economy by buying school uniforms from local suppliers. A new campaign to highlight the benefits is being launched by The Schoolwear Association, whose members provide uniforms and equipment to more than three quarters of Britain’s children.
The Association lists three reasons for buying your child’s uniform from local school shops and independent suppliers.
  • Buying locally supports the small, independent businesses that make up 99 per cent of all firms, keeping town centres alive and buzzing.
  • School specific uniform, typically sourced and supplied by independents, creates a sense of pride in your child’s school and community.
  • Independents and school shops provide excellent quality garments from ethically sourced factories. They offer custom-designed uniforms for schools, proper fitting, good stocks and service all year round, not just at “back to school” time.
Matthew Easter, Chairman of the Schoolwear Association, said: “Many people want to support the smaller, more local businesses and retailers. They can see that it’s good for their community, and we want school uniform to be a part of that.”
“We understand that price is important, but there are real benefits if you are willing to pay a little extra for a premium product and service. It’s good for the local economy, the community and your child.”

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