Monday, 7 July 2014

Attention parents! We need your help to make school uniform tax-free

Looking after your children and making sure they’re happy and comfortable is something at the top of every parent’s list. Therefore we have launched a government e-petition with this in mind and need parents like you to get involved to help us reach our goal.

The petition aims to make good quality school uniform more affordable and easier to budget for.  Here at the Schoolwear Association we believe that it’s really important for children to have school specific or ‘badged’ uniform, as this can lead to an improvement in behaviour and gives children a sense of belonging to their school. Your children can spend up to 10 hours a day wearing their school uniform, so it should be well fitted, comfortable and good quality.

The ultimate goal of this e-petition is to get the government to introduce a vouchers scheme, similar to the already successful childcare vouchers scheme. This would mean that parents would receive a small part of their salary in vouchers, which would be tax exempt. They could then spend these vouchers at all participating retailers. 

If you are interested in finding out more about the e-petition and would like to sign it to show your support for a better future for your children, please click on the following link:

Thank you for your support!

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