Thursday, 14 July 2016

SA Responds to Daily Mail

In response to this article published on 14th July: “Lidl steps up school uniform price war with £3.75 outfit”, we wanted to emphasise that although we recognise that price is important, it is a false economy to choose the cheap option.

There are real benefits if you are willing to pay a little extra for a good value product and service. A uniform that is made well does the job better and offers better value because it lasts longer and looks the part, with all the benefits that we know uniform brings in behaviour, learning and safety.

If uniform isn’t durable and looks scruffy or doesn’t match, it doesn’t do the job properly. Going for the cheapest option may also come with a hidden price tag, at the expense of the environment or the conditions of the workers who had to produce it.

It is a misconception that school uniform is expensive. Our research shows that school uniform costs on average just 45p per school day per child. We strongly believe every child is worth it, and we know teachers and the majority of parents agree. The real drain on many family budgets is the clothing children wear when they are not in school.

We advise schools and parents to work with specialist suppliers to find the best value uniform for children. Making good decisions at the outset will always provide better long term value than simply opting for the cheaper option on the shelf.

David Burgess, Chair of the Schoolwear Association

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