Tuesday, 1 December 2015

The Schoolwear Association welcomes the announcement that the Government is to put existing best practice guidance for school uniform supply in England on a statutory footing.

David Burgess, Chair of the Schoolwear Association, which represents those involved in the supply of school uniform in the UK, said:

“This announcement will clarify the situation for schools and suppliers. It means that if schools want the benefits of an exclusive supplier arrangement - such as having all sizes available, all year round – they will have to run regular competitions to choose the providers. This is in line with our policy to encourage schools to go through regular tendering exercises to ensure best value. We will be helping our members and the schools they serve to make any changes necessary, including offering guides for specifying uniform and draft tender documents. We emphasize value. It is very important that schools consider quality, durability and suitability when specifying uniform because cheap price does not always represent best quality. By making sensible decisions with specialist suppliers, we believe schools can reach a happy balance. We want every school child to have an affordable uniform that is also smart, specific to their school and fit for purpose with all the benefits that brings in better learning, behaviour and child safety as well as affordability.”