Friday, 4 December 2015

Seven reasons why school-specific school uniform is important:

Stories in the national media sometimes focus on the cost of school uniform without acknowledging the benefits. 

School uniform is a serious matter and should not be brought down to the lowest common denominator. There is real value in school uniform, for both children and schools.

Here are seven reasons why the Schoolwear Association believes school-specific uniform should be respected:

1. School Uniform is an important part of a child’s life. A quality uniform can help to give confidence and promote pride and a sense of community.

2. Supermarkets do not sell school uniform, they sell clothes which can be worn at school, at very cheap prices for a short period to get footfall through their stores. There is a very big difference between clothes for school and a properly balanced school uniform.

3. The right balance between school specific and generic is essential, otherwise it is not effective as
a proper school uniform.

4. Respect, for the uniform, for the rest of the school rules and the teachers, is an essential part of the smooth functioning of a School. Sir Michael Wilshaw has made his views very clear on its importance on a number of occasions.

5. Every August and early September, there is a hysteria in the media, which is totally misguided. On the whole Schools and Parents make good choices.

6. The only time any parent has to spend significant money on uniform at Back to School, is for the start of Year 7, when their child moves to secondary school. The cost can be spread over many months by using a Schoolwear Specialist, who is usually a member of the Schoolwear Association.

7. Independent Research has shown that school uniform is great value for money, much cheaper than clothing worn out of school hours, and that the vast majority of parents are satisfied with their School’s current arrangements.

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